Lulu and Meeka: Channing Tatum's Dog Names

Channing Tatum is a dog lover, and he owns two dogs. One is a white Japanese Spitz, which is named Meeka. The other is a pit bull mix, which is named Lulu, and Channing rescued her from a dog shelter in alabama while filming.

Meeka is a Japanese name which means "lord; beautiful aroma; beautiful increase." The famous bearer is Mary Dominica "Mieka" Pauley, an American singer-songwriter.

Lulu is a Hawaiian or Arabic girl name which means "precious; pearl; calm, peaceful, protected." Also a pet form of Louise, which means "famous warrior." Lulu is very popular among celebrities, famous bearers including: 
  • Lucinda Jane "Lulu" Guinness, British socialite and designer.
  • Lauren Marie-Elizabeth "Lulu" Antariksa, American actress.
  • Lulu Belle, American country music singer of duo Lulu Belle and Scotty.
  • Lulu Glaser, American actress and vocalist.
  • Lulu James, British soul singer.
  • Lulu Johnson, American reality TV personality; daughter of designer Betsey Johnson.
  • Lulu Simon, daughter of American musicians Paul Simon and Edie Brickell.

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