20 Regal Dog Names For Your Noble Girl Puppies

Guard dogs are noble, and they deserve regal names. Princess is a noble dog name, but it is overused and too popular. Here comes our selection of 20 regal girl dog names for your noble girl puppies. These names have the great meanings and they will evoke protection and medieval majesty for your new defender companions. Just check out the below list and select your favorite name for your girl dogs.

Aegea: Queen of the Amazons, who were long thought to be mythical.

Aine: Old Irish name of the Queen of the Fairies of South Munster, and the name Aine means brilliance, radiance, joy, glory, splendor and wit.
Artis: Celtic name means "lofty hill."
Bai: Flilipino name means "princess."
Carica: The Serbian title for "empress."
Countessa: Italian version of Countess, the second highest rank of nobility after King and Duke.
Dama: Spanish noble girl name that means "Lady."
Dronning: Danish for "queen."
Freyja: Goddess of love, fertility and battle.
Keelie: Celtic name menas "beautiful princess."
Lani: Hawaiian name means "sky, heaven, royal and majesty."
Nana: Goddess of the moon, who symbolizes peace and joy.
Patrizia: Elegant Italian name that means "noble."

Principessa: Italian for Princess.
Rani: Indian for "queen."
Regan: Celtic name means "royal and noble."
Regina: Latin name means "queen."
Reine: French title for Queen.
Tierney: Celtic name means "noble."
Sultana: Arabic name that means "one who has power."

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