Diojé: A Unique Dog Name Shared By Gina

Gina shared her dog names stories with idognames.com, and she named her little puppy Diojé, Dio for short. It is quite a unique dog name, and we found few information about the name. The name Dio may be inspired by Dionysos, the Greek god of wine, meaning "of Zeus" and nysa, the name of a legendary mountain.
Gina also shared her other dog names, including Ditch Dog, Doxie, and Princess Pepper Reeka. Thanks to Gina for sharing her unique dog name and story with us, and it seems her puppy likes the name Diojé. We hope Gina and her dog live a happy life.

We have a wonderful fur baby we rescued three years ago.  He's loving, smart, loyal, & we figured out he's bilingual!  At first  we called him, 'ditch dog' because we had to save him out of a deep ditch.  
We weren't sure how our Doxie, Princess Pepper Reeka, (she lived up to her name) would take to him. At first she would try & bury him, then she'd try & push him off of everything, & after a while she tolerated him because he seemed like he wasn't going to leave us. So now our family decided to name the new addition. After throwing ideas around to see what fit & if  Pepper 'liked' it, we came to a compromise- I was out voted with  D O G, but since I (& P.P) ultimately have the last say, his name came out, Diojé.  Dio for short.  I think my spelling is rather unique & quite handsome.  And it fits him since he's very photogenic!  Amazingly, he took to his name Quickly!
We lost our Princess a year after Dio settled in, but he knows her presence is all around.

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