Asia and Koji: Pop Star Lady Gaga's Dog Names

The kooky singer Lady Gaga is a dog lover. There have been several dogs in her life so far.

Alice is her beloved childhood dog. Unfortunately, the family dog died of cancer on Oct. 29, 2013. Lady Gaga is so sad, and we just pray Alice found her Wonderland.

Just months after that, Lady Gaga has added a new dog to her animal brood. Her name is Asia, and the full name is Miss Asia Kinney. Asia is a female dog of breed French Bulldog. She has been Lady Gaga's dog since March-April, 2014. Her nickname is BatPig, and others. Asia has quite the social media presence with 120,000 followers on Instagram, but the precious pooch is about to become even more famous now that she's the newest star of COACH.

Engaged, beautiful couple Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney have another new addition to their family: a new puppy named Koji. The name Koji means "little one," because he is so small. Koji-san is a super cute French bulldog. Last week, Gaga posted the video of Asia running around with Koji on the grass.

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