Dog Name of the April: Daisy

Aril is the second month of spring, it brings us warmer weather and blooming flowers. Floral names are the perfect choice for your new puppy due in April, for instance Daisy, Lily, Rose and Violet

Obviously Daisy is the most perfect floral dog name for April. Daisy is one of the birth flowers of April; it has enjoyed much popularity as a name since the late 19th century in Britain. 

Daisy is one of the most loved flowers primarily because it is simple; the name Daisy often draws up images of the fresh, wholesome flower that opens its petals at daybreak. Naming your girl puppy Daisy makes her approachable and friendly, without being posh. 

For the reasons above, we think Daisy should be an all time classic that should be featured in every April dog names list. 

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