Amazing Names for Your Shiny Black Dogs

Black dogs are beautiful and elegant, they have shiny black hair coats and regal appearance, and this gives them an aura of power and a sense of mystery.

Choosing a name for your new black dog can be hard; you can derive inspirations from everything that is associated with the black color. The most important thing is, your chosen name need to echo your dog's personality and behavior.

Naming your black dog after other animals in black can be cool. For example, if your dog is strong, then Bear, Sunbear or Angus is a good name. If your black dog runs very fast, then Jaguar or Panther will fit his personalities. Penguin is a perfect name for those lovely dogs with white coat at stomach. If you have a little black puppy with few white coat, why not naming it Raven, Magpie, Crow or Rook?

You can also get ideas from yummy food. Chocolate and Coffee are often used for those black dogs with soft and smooth coat. For those cute tiny black puppies, Sesame is a very cool dog name. Currant can be a dog name for those black, tiny and thin puppies. Blackberry is often used as a black female dog name, but do not use it if you have a Blackberry cell phone, it may cause some confusions. Fig and Brin can be used for medium-size black dog names, and Eggplant is a perfect dog name for those fat black dogs.

If you have a brave black dog, you can name it after those legendary heroes in black, for instance Batman, Zorro, Ninja, and Knight. Blackie can be used for those lovely black puppies. If you have a female black dog and she prefer quiet natural, then naming her Layla or Laila. Sometimes the color black is associated with the dark forces of the underworld, but if you want a tough dog name, then Vader, Vampire, Demon or Hades are good options. We also have more human-themed names for your black dogs, such as Blake, Ciaran, Cole, Duff, Kieran, Maurice and Morris.

If you like nature-themed dog names, you can also try these dog names associated with the weather and meteorology: Darkness, Duck, Dusky, Eclipse, Midnight, Night, Raincloud, Storm, and Stormy.

Since you can spark your inspirations from everything in black, you can get ideas for black dog names. 
Bullet, Ebony, Jet, Onyx, Shadow, and Spade are popular black dog names; you can choose any of them if you do not care the duplication with other dogs. 
For unusual black dog names try these: Blackjack, Carbon, Charcoal, Coal, Inky, Eightball, Guinness, Noir, Pearl, Phantom, Reaper, Sable, Shades, Shady, Shaman, Sillouette, Sooty, Spooky, and Tar.

If you do not find a satisfied name for your black dog, then looking for the name in other aspects such as history, personality or habits, maybe you can get a clue for the appropriate name. We hope all you can get the perfect dog name. 

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