Pronunciation: [Scott]

Gender: Male

Meaning: Painted warrior

Origin: English

Variant Forms

ScotFrom Scotland: A Gael. Diminutive Of Scott.MaleEnglish
ScottyPainted warriorMaleEnglish

Famous People Named Scott

Scott Brown is a prominent American lawyer and politician and served as the US senator from Massachusetts.

Paul Scott was a British novelist who authored the tetralogy, ‘Raj Quartet’.

George C. Scott was an illustrious American actor, producer and director.

C.P. Scott was a British journalist, publisher and politician and was also the editor of the newspaper “The Guardian”.

Bon Scott was a rock musician famous for serving as the lead singer and lyricist of the hard rock band AC/DC.

Bill Scott was a talented and gifted voice actor and writer, Go through the following lines to learn in details about his life, childhood, works and timeline.

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