Pronunciation: [Mark]

Gender: Male

Meaning: From the god Mars

Origin: Latin

Variant Forms

MarcFrom the god MarsMaleLatin
MarcoFrom the god MarsMaleLatin
MarcosFrom the god MarsMaleLatin
MarcusFrom the god MarsMaleLatin
MarekFrom the god MarsUnisexLatin
MarioFrom the god MarsMaleLatin
MariusFrom the god MarsMaleLatin
MarkellOf Mars: The God Of War.MaleAmerican English
MarkusFrom the god MarsMaleLatin
MarquesLord of the marchesMaleSpanish

Famous Dogs Named Mark

Barky Marky: Bull Dog in the park in Warner Bros animated TV show Tiny Toons. The dog liked to play ball all the time.

Famous People Named Mark

Markus Persson is a renowned Swedish video game designer and programmer, best known for creating the hit game Minecraft.

Mark White is an American lawyer and former Governor of Texas.

Mark Wahlberg is an actor cum singer who rose to fame from a life of childhood crime and drug abuse.

Mark Twain was an American author and humorist.

Mark Thomas is a famous English comedian and is recognized for his political stunts on his TV show, ‘The Mark Thomas Comedy Product’.

Mark Rothko was a painter of Latvian Jewish descent living in the United States of America.

Mark Kennedy is an American businessman and a politician.

Mark Harmon is an American actor, best-known for the shows like ‘St.

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