Pronunciation: [A-nu]

Gender: Female

Meaning: Grace

Origin: Hebrew

Famous Dogs Named Anu

Mr. Peanut Butter: An anthropomorphic Labrador Retriever who is BoJack's former sitcom rival and Diane's boyfriend in the animation BoJack Horseman.

Famous People Named Anu

Ralph Regenvanu is a ni-Vanuatu politician serving as the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources since 2013.

Manuel Ortiz Guerrero was a renowned bilingual poet, playwright and musician.

Manuel González Flores was a liberal politician and military general who served as the 31st president of Mexico.

Manuel de Falla is ranked among the most esteemed musicians of the 20th century.

Khurshidbanu Natavan was an Azerbaijani poetess, renowned for her lyrical ghazals.

Keanu Reeves is a Canadian-American actor who has done a variety of roles in Hollywood movies.

Juan Manuel Santos is the 32nd President of Colombia and is known for his aggressive stance on rooting out terrorism from the country.

Immanuel Kant was one of the most famous philosophers of his era.

Emanuel Vidović was a Croatian painter and graphic artist.

Alfred Emanuel Smith was an American politician who was elected as the Governor of New York for four times.

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