Pronunciation: [Ea]

Gender: Female

Meaning: Fire

Origin: English

Famous Dogs Named Ea

Willie Bean: A Golden Retriever, was the focus of several political satires during 2008.

Top Gear Dog: A dog owned by Richard Hammond who occasionally appears on Top Gear.

The Beagle Boys: A dog from the Scrooge McDuck universe in the animation DuckTales.

Swansea Jack: Rescued people from Swansea bay and the River Tawe.

Swan Sea Jack: Black Retriever dog famous for saving the lives of many people in the town of Swansea. He was awarded many prizes for his bravery including ‘Dog of the Century’ award.

Strongheart: Also known as Etzel von Oeringen, was the first German Shepherd Dog with name-above-the-title billing in a film.

Squeak: A Jack Russell Terrier who would not leave the body of his owner, Zimbabwean farmer Terry Ford, after Ford was murdered in 2002 by a violent mob carrying out Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe's land seizure programs.

Sergeant Stubby: A Boston bull terrier, the most decorated war dog of World War I and the only dog to be nominated for rank and then promoted to sergeant through combat.[69] He was also a mascot at Georgetown University.

Sergeant Kemlo "Hyperdog" Caesar: Doberman dog from the comic strip Top 10.

Searchlight: The heroic sled-dog that pulled Little Willy's sled in the book Stone Fox.

Seamus: Mitt Romney's Irish setter which was the subject of controversy during the 2008 US presidential election and the 2012 US presidential election.

Seamus: The dog of singer Steve Marriott, can be heard on the Small Faces track "The Universal" and more prominently on the Pink Floyd track "Seamus".

Seaman: Meriwether Lewis's Newfoundland that accompanied the Lewis and Clark expedition across the northwestern USA from 1804–1806.

Pearl the Wonder Dog: Pointer dog from the book Spenser.

Mr. Peanut Butter: An anthropomorphic Labrador Retriever who is BoJack's former sitcom rival and Diane's boyfriend in the animation BoJack Horseman.

Mr. Peabody: Genius dog and history expert in the animation The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.

Miss Beazley: One of the U.S. previous President George W. Bush's Scottish Terriers.

Meatball: A female bull terrier, in the TV show Baa Baa Blacksheep.

Meatball: An English Bulldog owned by Adam Sandler, appeared in feature films including Little Nicky and starred in the short A Day with the Meatball.

Loyal Heart Dog: One of the Care Bear Cousins in the animation Care Bears. He has blue fur with a white heart-shaped patch over one eye, and his tummy symbol is a red heart-shaped medal.

Jean: The Vitagraph Dog, screen's first leading canine to have her name in the film title; starred in movies from 1908 to 1913.

Heaven Sent Brandy: A female Chihuahua, is listed in the 2007 Guinness World Records as the smallest living dog in terms of length. She set the record on 31 January 2005, at 15 centimetres (6 in) long, from her nose to the tip of her tail.

Heart-kun: A Chihuahua in Japan born with a heart-shaped patch of brown hair on its white coated body.

Fearless: Pet dog of Dr. Jim Hansen in Providence, a warm-hearted veterinarian who runs a clinic in his basement.

Eirean Chicko: A secret agent boy was transformed into a Basque Shepherd dog by Huckleberry Yiucko the magician in the comic strip Dark and Light Elemental Ages from Warlords.

Earl: Jack Russell terrier dog from the comic strip Mutts.

Beauty: Afghan Hound, Barbie Doll’s pet.

Beautiful Joe: Mongrel, a famous character in the novel, Beautiful Joe: The True Story of a Brave Dog.

Beautiful Joe: An abused Airedale who was rescued from a brutal master, inspired an 1894 bestselling novel of the same name.

Beauregard the Wonder Dog: Appeared regularly though unspectacularly on Hee Haw.

Beauregard: Bloodhound dog famous as the dog in Pogo, a daily comic strip by Walt Kelly that ran during the period 1948-1975.

Beau: Siberian Husky, the lead dog of Will Stoneman in Iron Will.

Beasley: A Dogue de Bordeaux, starred in the film Turner & Hooch.

Beaseley: Dogue de Bordeaux dog that played the role of Hooch in Turner and Hooch.

Bear: Australian Cattle Dog, part of the movie Crimson Tide released in 1995.

Beagle: Name of one of the dogs owned by 36th U.S. President, Lyndon B. Johnson.

Famous People Named Ea

Zora Neale Hurston was a well-known American folklorist, anthropologist and author.

Wyclef Jean is a Grammy Award-winning, American-Haitian singer-songwriter and rapper.

William Thomas Stead was a renowned British news paper editor.

William Shakespeare was an English poet and dramatist.

William Randolph Hearst was an American newspaper publisher.

William Makepeace Thackeray was an English novelist and satirist.

Warren Earl Burger was the 15th Chief Justice of the United States.

W B Yeats was an Irish poet and playwright.

Steve Earle is a Grammy award winning singer-songwriter, whose albums have a mix of folk, country and rock music.

Stephen Leacock was a Canadian political scientist, teacher and writer.

Sean Paul is a Grammy Award winning reggae artist from Jamaica.

Sean Hannity is a television host and political commentator best known for the talk show ‘The Sean Hannity Show’.

Sean Combs is an American record producer, businessman and rapper.

Seamus Heaney is an Irish poet, playwright and translator.

Sam Snead was a professional American golfer.

Ryan Seacrest is an American radio & television host, and producer.

Roy Bean was a judicial officer in Val Verde County, Texas.

Roseanne Barr is an American actress, director, comedian, producer and writer.

Ronald Reagan was the 40th President of the United States and the Governor of California.

Robert Treat Paine was a lawyer cum politician and one of the Founding fathers of America.

Ralph Steadman is a famous British cartoonist.

Rafael Correa is a politician, economist and the present President of the Republic of Ecuador.

Pierre Trudeau served as the 15th Prime Minister of Canada.

Phillis Wheatley holds an important place in African-American literature.

Pearl Buck was a Nobel Prize winning American writer best known for her novel ‘The Good Earth.

Paul Keating is a former Prime Minister of Australia who held office from 1991 to 1996.

Oluchi Onweagba is a Nigerian supermodel, television personality, and entrepreneur.

Nuon Chea is a former Cambodian politician commonly known as “Brother Number two”.

Nicolae Ceaușescu was the General Secretary of the Romanian Communist Party, Romania’s last Communist leader.

Neil Peart is a Canadian musician, songwriter and author.

Neale Donald Walsch is an American author, screenwriter and speaker.

Neal Cassady was a poet belonging to the 'Beat Generation’, a community of eminent writers.

Mónica Spear was a Venezuelan actress and model.

Michaëlle Jean is a Canadian stateswoman who served as the 27th governor general of Canada.

Michael Learned is an actress best known for her role as Olivia Walton on ‘The Waltons’.

Margaret Mead was an American anthropologist known for her studies and works on cultural anthropology.

Louis Moreau Gottschalk was a renowned American composer.

Louis Leakey was a Kenyan-British anthropologist who findings greatly altered conceptions about the origins and course of the evolution of human life.

Lester B. Pearson was the 14th Prime Minister of Canada.

Learned Hand was a great American jurist and judicial philosopher.

LeAnn Rimes is an American country and pop singer, songwriter, actress and author.

Leander Paes is an Indian tennis player counted among the world’s best doubles player.

Kevin Nealon is an American comedian, television and film actor best known as the cast member of ‘Saturday Night Live’.

Keith Sweat is an American Musician, R & B and soul singer and songwriter.

Keanu Reeves is a Canadian-American actor who has done a variety of roles in Hollywood movies.

John Smeaton was an English engineer famously known as the ‘Father of Civil Engineering’.

John Keats was one of the most loved romantic poets of English literature.

John Henninger Reagan was a Senator from Texas and a prominent nineteenth century American politician.

John Greenleaf Whittier was an influential American Quaker poet and an ardent Abolitionist.

John Dean was the White House Counsel for President Richard Nixon, who was involved in the infamous, Watergate Scandal.

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