Pronunciation: [A-dy]

Gender: Female

Meaning: Noble kind

Origin: Germanic

Variant Forms

AdaNoble kindFemaleGermanic
AddieNobel kindFemaleGermanic

Famous Dogs Named Ady

Ladybird: The Hills' fourteen-year-old purebred Bloodhound in the animation King of the Hill.

Lady Greyhound: Logo in Greyhound Lines bus company advertisment.

Lady: The adorable Basenji dog in Goodbye, My Lady, a children’s book by James H. Street which was adopted into a film.

Lady: A female Cocker Spaniel in the animation Lady And The Tramp, who lives with Jim Dear and Darling.

Famous People Named Ady

Neal Cassady was a poet belonging to the 'Beat Generation’, a community of eminent writers.

Endre Ady was a Hungarian poet best known for his works on sensual love and religion.

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