Pronunciation: [Black]

Gender: Unisex

Meaning: Dark

Origin: English

Famous Dogs Named Black

Blacktoe: William Riker's German Shepherd dog in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Black Tooth: A dog from The Soupy Sales Show, regarded as "The Biggest and Sweetest Dog in the USA".

Black Shuck: From the song by The Darkness about the spectral black dog.

Black Bob: Border Collie dog from the comic strip The Dandy.

Black: Pet of legendary U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, Jack Mixed Breed.

Famous People Named Black

Jack Black is a renowned American actor-producer and voice artist.

Elizabeth Blackwell was the first American woman to receive a medical degree.

Elizabeth Blackburn is a Nobel Prize winner who created a sensation with her finding on telomere and telomerase.

Conrad Black is a British former newspaper publisher and author who has been convicted of felony.

Bob Black is an American author and anarchist.

Black Kettle was a leader of the Southern Cheyenne tribe of Native Americans in the 19th century, who repeatedly strived for securing peace for his people.

Black Francis is an American singer, songwriter and musician.

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