Pronunciation: [Bea]

Gender: Female

Meaning: Voyager through life

Origin: Latin

Variant Forms


Famous Dogs Named Bea

Willie Bean: A Golden Retriever, was the focus of several political satires during 2008.

The Beagle Boys: A dog from the Scrooge McDuck universe in the animation DuckTales.

Miss Beazley: One of the U.S. previous President George W. Bush's Scottish Terriers.

Beauty: Afghan Hound, Barbie Doll’s pet.

Beautiful Joe: Mongrel, a famous character in the novel, Beautiful Joe: The True Story of a Brave Dog.

Beautiful Joe: An abused Airedale who was rescued from a brutal master, inspired an 1894 bestselling novel of the same name.

Beauregard the Wonder Dog: Appeared regularly though unspectacularly on Hee Haw.

Beauregard: Bloodhound dog famous as the dog in Pogo, a daily comic strip by Walt Kelly that ran during the period 1948-1975.

Beau: Siberian Husky, the lead dog of Will Stoneman in Iron Will.

Beasley: A Dogue de Bordeaux, starred in the film Turner & Hooch.

Beaseley: Dogue de Bordeaux dog that played the role of Hooch in Turner and Hooch.

Bear: Australian Cattle Dog, part of the movie Crimson Tide released in 1995.

Beagle: Name of one of the dogs owned by 36th U.S. President, Lyndon B. Johnson.

Famous People Named Bea

Roy Bean was a judicial officer in Val Verde County, Texas.

Cecil Beaton was a celebrated English photographer who had won an Academy Award for his stage and costume designs.

Bear Bryant served as the head coach of the University of Alabama football team for 25 years, leading them to several victories.

Amy Beach was the first American woman soloist who was also a successful composer of her time.

Adrienne Barbeau is an American actress and writer, she is known for her role in the musical ‘Grease’.

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