Pronunciation: [Stone]

Gender: Male

Meaning: Stone

Origin: English

A tough, unbreakable rock.

Famous People Named Stone

William Ewart Gladstone was a famous British politician who served as the Prime Minister of United Kingdom four times.

W. Clement Stone was a successful businessman, philanthropist and self-help book author.

Sir Richard Stone deserves a special place amongst contemporary economists.

Robert Stone is an award winning novelist best known for his novel ‘Dog Soldiers’.

Oliver Stone is a highly acclaimed and appreciated film director, who is the proud recipient of three Academy Awards and one Golden Globe award.

Matt Stone is an American actor, producer, animator, director, musician and songwriter.

Mary Wollstonecraft was a British writer, philosopher and an advocate of women’s rights.

Lucy Stone was an American women’s rights activist.

Joss Stone is an English soul singer-songwriter and actress.

Alicia Silverstone is a popular American actress and activist.

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